Sabtu, 18 Februari 2017

How To Contact Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one the best ad networks available, but sometime when we get any problem but many peoples think that there is no way to contact Google AdSense but there is a way. They have provided a contact form, but still there is a requirement to be able to contact them. However if your account can fulfill that requirement than you can easily contact them, from the contact form they have provided.

Why should anyone want to contact Google AdSense?

There can be any reason for it, whether because a bug or a problem they are suffering from. Such as if you are getting a lot invalid clicks and want some suggestions on it, so you can contact (however you do not need to contact about this issue because there are many experts who can help you in it). Also if your account is hacked, or got any problem than you can contact them for help, but remember to search about that first before contacting may be you get your solution quickly.
How to contact them?

First visit here, and after it click on the Contact Us button (as shown in the image below). Remember that you have to sign in while clicking there, if you are not already. Also if you get any message such as not eligible, than first check that is your account is eligible for getting email support feature.How to contact Google AdSense support?


An approved Google AdSense account and also you have to earn $25 or more in weekly basis for three weeks, after it your account will be eligible to get contact support, also please note that if you earn lower than $25 in future than the service can again remove from your account.

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