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The Lowdown on the Three Best Golf Rangefinder Models

I understand how difficult it is to read all of the golf rangefinder reviews out there. I’m pretty certain you have better things to do than sit around and check one product after another.

Help is here though because I found three rangefinders that deserve to be included in your to-buy list:

1. Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch in Black

A watch that doubles as a golf rangefinder? Yes, please! This watch is even sleek and comfy to use, making this an ideal all-around sports accessory. It’s small and unusual for a rangefinder but you’ll find this packing in a lot of GPS features that can give the standard, run-of-the-mill best golf rangefinder models a run for their money.

The Good:
  • ·         This being a watch, it’s easy to carry around and use when needed. It also makes it harder to lose because you can simply strap it on your wrist. They also made it thinner and lighter to amp up the comfort level of the wearer.
  • ·         No membership fees! One of the reasons why this has a lot of good golf rangefinder reviews is its no membership fee system. You can use it right away as it already has about 30,000 courses pre-loaded to its compact system. No need to download, no need to apply to a program. Use it straight out of its box!
  • ·         Battery life is considerably long when using it for golf purposes. On standby watch mode, it can last for up to 2 years.
  • ·         You can use a USB cable to check for updates on new courses or access its start up guide.
  • ·         Legal for tournaments. Another legal device for tournaments from Bushnell!
  • ·         Accurate distance measuring capacity.
  • ·         Cheaper than other golf rangefinders!

The Bad:
  • ·         Some complained about a yard discrepancy in measurements but others said the discrepancy is so small, it barely has any difference to your game play.

  • Although it might not be comparable to the accuracy of the Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt, it’s not far behind. Get this if you want something that is easier to use and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

2. Breaking 80 Golf Laser Rangefinder with Advanced Pin Sensor Technology

It’s very similar in design with the Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt but it comes in other striking colors. And although the Bushnell models are some of the most popular today in the market, this Breaking 80 product is fighting tooth and nail to get to the top. Best of all, it delivers!

The Good:
  • ·         Cheaper than Bushnell. It should be a wonderful alternative if you are looking on cutting back cost.
  • ·         It also comes with a PinSensor Technology.This allows you to find your target without worrying that it will measure inaccurately because of background objects.
  • ·         It has been equipped with First Target Priority mode feature. This is a great feature to have if you are playing in golf courses with lots of trees in the background.
  • ·         Super clear images. You can easily read the measurements even if you have bad eyesight, thanks to its 6x monocular technology.
  • ·         Can be used even if it’s raining. It’s waterproof!. You can use it under the rain for no more than 10 minutes.

The Bad:
  • ·         Others said this is not comparable to Bushnell when it comes to measuring distance accurately. A few customers complained about it picking distance over the flag.

The Verdict:
  • Here’s an alternative to Bushnell you might want to get your hands on if the price for Bushnell is too high for you. You’d love this as a starter rangefinder.

3. Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder- Best Golf Rangefinder

This is easily the most popular rangefinder to date. It’s a “catch”, if you will, because of its impressive features. It even has a “manly” and utilitarian physical appearance with its silver and black color and vertical design. If aesthetic is a big deal to you, this rangefinder is a must-have!

Now on to the nitty-gritty of this popular rangefinder.

The Good:
  • ·         Impressive one hand vertical feature. Great if you want one of your hands free to do something else. This feature also makes it easier to lug around.
  • ·         It has Pin Seeker Technology. This is what sets it apart from the others. This technology activates the Jolt Vibration system when the trigger for Pin Seeker is pushed, letting you get accurate distance from your starting point to the target. Other golf rangefinders might have issues as they include background measurements as well.
  • ·         No prism needed. This gadget alone gives you up to 1,000 yards measuring capacity.
  • ·         Acceptable in tournaments. Remember when I mentioned some rangefinders are not legal in some tournaments? Well, this one is.
  • ·         Designed to last a long time. It has rainproof materials so you can lug it around rain or shine.
  • ·         Easy to read. Got poor eyesight? Switch to this. You’ll find this easier to read than your smartphone.
  • ·         Has a SCAN mode. It scans the whole play area, gauging distances from different holes.

The Bad:
  • ·         Not the cheapest option out there but definitely worth the price if you want accuracy and longevity.
  • ·         Some complained about the battery life but it’s actually fairly great for moderate usage. Gadget battery dies at one time or another so poor battery life isn’t really that big of an issue.

  • One of the best out there. Get this if you want value for your money. Think of this as an investment. You’ll be investing on your career as a golf player. You’d do well to choose the best for yourself.

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